Under the Constitution, Finland is divided into municipalities whose administration is based on self-government. Municipalities make decisions on many issues that concern their residents. The highest decision-making body in a municipality is a council elected by the residents. The council members, or councillors, are elected for four years at a time in municipal elections. The next municipal elections will take place on Sunday, 9 April 2017. In municipal elections, Finnish citizens and, under certain conditions, citizens of other countries living in the municipality may vote and stand as candidates. Voting in Finland is voluntary.

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Can I vote?
You can vote if
a) you are a citizen of Finland, another EU Member State, Iceland or Norway, and you have had a municipality of residence in Finland no later than on 17 February 2017
b) you are a citizen of some other country and you have lived in Finland since 17 February 2015

Your municipality of residence is determined under the Municipality of Residence Act. Usually,
your municipality of residence is the municipality where you live.

English Summary of the Espoo Greens’ Municipal Election Platform 2017.

Good Day Care, Pre-school, and Education for All

Day care, pre-school and primary and secondary education are a foundation of the lives of all children and youths, and it must be high quality, treat everyone equally, and be safe and secure. Schools and day care centres have an important role alongside families in supporting the growth and development of children and youths. Increasing disparities between schools must be stopped. Problems with indoor air quality in schools must be dealt with. Adverse reactions in children and teaching staff must be addressed immediately and problems must be discussed openly. Our youths need and deserve high-quality education in order to grow into professionals in diverse fields.

Promotion of Well-being and Equality – Prevention is Worthwhile

A good city serves its citizens and residents from their perspectives. Recreational activities for children and youths are available to all. Home care for the elderly must be sufficiently funded. We must ensure the sufficiency of services for the disabled. Settling and integration of immigrant in Espoo is important. Libraries are becoming a kind of living room for residents. Services must be easily and accessibly available to all.

Prevention of the Climate Crisis and Protections of Espoo’s Nature

Residents of Espoo are known to value closeness to nature in our home city. The local forests near schools and day care centres are important. We want to preserve the diversity of the city’s nature areas as part of the city and ensure effective and working green pathways from the archipelago all the way to the wilderness of Nuuksio. Big cities have an important role in the reduction of greenhouse gases. Espoo must take a stronger role as a forerunner in the prevention of climate change.

Making Espoo a City Where it’s Good to Live and Easy to Move Around

Espoo receives thousands of new residents yearly, all of whom need homes, jobs, and services. We’ll build a more dense and pleasant city along the rail lines, where transportation and commuting is easy, city culture flourishes, and jobs ans services can be found right nearby. We’ll ensure that affortable housing is built. In our green city, public transportation works well and is inexpensive, and switching between different forms of transportation is easy and straightforward. We’ll build and environment that invites everyone to walk, ride bicycles, and use public transportaion.

Supporting Employment and Securing the Economy

Espoo is growing fast and that means that we need to build schools, day care centres, roads, public transportation, and housing for the new residents. The economy of a thriving green Espoo is built on healthy and diverse business activity and close co-operation with universities. Culture is an important part of Espoo’s vitality and appeal. Employment services must focus on personal, individual support, in order to find the most effective ways to improve employment opportunities for city residents.

Better Democracy

The city exists for its residents. We need a new leadership model for the city, with a mayor and where leading councillors are informed and involved in all matters, right from the earliest stages of preparation. All issues in the city’s decision-making must be open and transparent. The importance of openness will only increase as more and more city activities and responsibilities are transferred to corporations. Espoo is a key part of an ever more integrated Helsinki metropolitan area, which is a driving force behind all of Finland.

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