Under the Constitution, Finland is divided into municipalities whose administration is based on self-government. Municipalities make decisions on many issues that concern their residents. The highest decision-making body in a municipality is a council elected by the residents. The council members, or councillors, are elected for four years at a time in municipal elections. The next municipal elections will take place on Sunday, 9 April 2017. In municipal elections, Finnish citizens and, under certain conditions, citizens of other countries living in the municipality may vote and stand as candidates. Voting in Finland is voluntary.

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Can I vote?
You can vote if
a) you are a citizen of Finland, another EU Member State, Iceland or Norway, and you have had a municipality of residence in Finland no later than on 17 February 2017
b) you are a citizen of some other country and you have lived in Finland since 17 February 2015

Your municipality of residence is determined under the Municipality of Residence Act. Usually,
your municipality of residence is the municipality where you live.

Come and join us to make Espoo greener

The greens want to save our environment and climate, avert poverty and income inequality, build the world’s best education system, reform a greener economy and create new jobs.

The Greens of Espoo strive for an ecologically, socially and economically viable city. We also want to leave our children a foundation for a good life and a clean environment.

As a member you will have an opportunity to share in the vision of the Greens of Espoo and to participate in a friendly group. The Greens are Espoo’s second largest party and we are active all over Espoo. We are active in the city council, administration, boards and numerous other city offices.

We take positions on the development of Espoo and organize events on matters impacting our society. As a member you can apply for various positions of trust within the city, municipality and the Green coalition.

This is how we have made Espoo greener

Protecting the environment
We have protected the central park from encroachment as well as protecting Espoo’s lakes and rivers and 550 hectares of forest. We have brought attention to fostering the diversity of nature in the care of the city’s recreational forests.

Averting climate change
Thanks to the Greens the city’s emissions goals have been tightened, climate issues are taken into account in all decisions and Espoo is drawing up an ambitious climate action plan. Schools and day care centers are reducing food waste.

More reasonably priced homes
With our lead Espoo has designed a housing program to build 400 lodging units per year to help with housing shortages. More student housing is also being zoned. Sports facilities and other city properties are cared for.

Employment and the economy
The city seeks to reduce youth unemployment and is active in fostering employment. A balanced economy secures social services.

Transport on rails and bicycles
We call for easy connections and improvement to public transportation when metro traffic begins in Matinkylä. We will expedite the Jokeri-Rail. We call for better bicycle paths, quality corridors for bicycling and bicycle parking at metro stations.

Quality in teaching and day care
We have maintained our position for special education, school assistants, school health care and youth mental health services. We have succeeded in keeping class sizes small and maintaining language training for immigrants. We obtained more funding for family assistance. We have pressed for repairs of indoor air quality problems at schools and day care centers and improved the awareness of families and teachers.

Openness, parity and equality
Espoo is a city of equal opportunity and is committed to promote equality in all of its activities. At our initiative Espoo publishes its purchase invoice data as open information.

Flourishing culture
We support sports and youth organizations, so that every child and youth in Espoo has an opportunity for quality recreation. Old buildings, such as Villa Elfvik, Albergan kartano ja Pikku-Aurora are protected. We favor local libraries.

Secure retirement
We have negotiated for more funding for home care of senior citizens and for caregivers. Nursing homes are designed to be accessible and aesthetic.

The following Green associations operate in Espoo, through which you can join green acticities: